Top 10 Photos of 2014 No. 3 - Canvas Camping by Oliver Asis

Glacier Under Canvas.

The No. 3 photo of the 2014 for me had to be when my friend Randy and I stayed at Glacier Under Canvas.  This is very cool “camping” experience.  It’s part camping and part hotel.  You stay inside teepee made of canvas but you have basically all of the amenities of a hotel.

After a day of exploring Glacier National Park, we decided to take some night time photographs.  I wanted to create an image that showed off the teepee and also showed wonderment & adventure.  So with the teepee posted and Randy wearing a headlight, we took a couple of photos.

The light ray was created when smoke from the nearby fire ring would drift towards our site.  So we had to wait for a bit to just get the right conditions to make the shot work.  Additionally Randy had to try to stay completely still for about 15 seconds so I could get the teepee, the night sky, and the surrounds properly exposed.  The things you can do when you hang out and travel with other photographers!  :)