3 Ways to Executing Ideas / by Oliver Asis

So here is a situation that I find myself in a lot lately; I'm surfing the internet via Facebook and Twitter mostly and you come upon something cool.  You click on the link.  And read the article.  After reading the article you get inspired and yearn to do something about it.  Then you take all that energy and plan out how you will accomplish that task.  But after that things fall into place and you don't do it.  Does this sound familiar?

The thing that I'm taking about is execution.  The idea of executing the idea.  As of late, I have found myself in this place that I would call a tough and a rough place.  I have these ideas and I can't seem to execute it.  So what is a guy to do?

Here are 5 things that I know have worked to get me out of this funk.

1.  Get the ideas Down on Paper (seriously)

I already mentioned that I do this a lot.  I have Moleskine note books filled with ideas that I have yet to execute.  And that is completely okay.   It is okay because the ideas are out of my head and somewhere tangible where they can be seen and also can be shared.  I don't have to think about these ideas because they have already been thought about and are out of my head.  Keeping such ideas in your head can be a problem because you will forget, lose, and not remember them when the time comes to execute it.  While having on paper, you have it out and somewhere you can reference in the future.  The only thing is, you can't lose the paper with the idea.  ;)

2.  Make a Schedule

Make and give yourself a schedule.  Make the time to go and do something.  It may not be the idea at hand but you have to do something at that set time and day.  The reason being is that you have do something is because you want to make it into a habit.  Practice this enough and you will find yourself doing and having more time to execute an idea.  I have found that doing a daily ritual such as taking a photograph can be hard at first but one it become a habit, it just another part of the day.  When this happens the effort "seems" less and doesn't feel like a burden.

3.   Share you ideas with someone

When you have some ideas one of the best ways to get them executed is to share it with a friend and family member that you will keep you accountable.  Sharing these ideas out loud with someone will not only provide your motivation to do but it will also give you an opportunity to build it.

The thing about having an accountability buddy is that he or she can keep on you on the progress of the idea and knowing that they are watching will keep you on your toes to continue.  I would suggest that you don't dictate when they check in with you rather let them do it on their schedule.  The best accountability buddies will do it when they observe you not making progress and will keep you on task.

So when you find yourself in a place where you can't seem to execute; write it out, make schedule for your ideas, and tell a friend or family member, having them hold you accountable.  And you will find yourself on the road back to executing your ideas.

How else do you get your idea executed?