Top 10 Photos of 2014 No. 1 - The Red Moon Rises / by Oliver Asis

Blood Moon Oliver Asis Photography

And the drum roll please…the No 1 of 2014 is a photograph of the Blood Moon.  It seemed that this year of all years the Blood Moon got quite an attention in main stream media.  We were privilege to get two opportunities this year to see and photograph it.  There was one in April and there was one in October.

The first one, I was got to hang out with my friends Garrett and Justin while we took the photographs.  We stayed to photograph for a couple of hours before the clouds started to block and fade out the moon.  So we didn’t stay for the whole thing.

However in October, I photographed the Blood Moon, in the front of my house.  I stayed out from 1am to 6am and made it to work.  It was rough day none the less but so worth it.

What 2014 thought about photography is this:

  1.  Photography is about experiences.
  2. Photography is best shared with family and friends.
  3. Photography is always fun.